Bill to Curb Cell Phone Use in Schools Approved by Senate Education Committee

HARRISBURG – Legislation to support schools that adopt policies to limit student access to cell phones during the school day was approved by the Senate Education Committee today with bipartisan support. Senate Bill 1207, sponsored by Sen. Ryan Aument (R-36), would create a pilot program to provide state funding to schools to purchase lockable bags to store cell phones in during the school day.

“Students are facing a significant decline in academic achievement and the data shows a clear correlation between these trends and the rise in cell phone use,” said Argall, the chair of the committee.

The committee considered a second bill sponsored by Aument, Senate Bill 1208, which would allow school administrators to create individualized plans for the administration of life-saving medications in schools.

The committee also voted to approve Senate Bill 366, sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Williams (D-38), which would assist career and technical education programs by providing them with more predictability in their state funding.

CONTACT: Jim Brugger

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