Consideration of SB 873, SB 1000, 1205 and HB 1559

Consideration of Bills

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

9:45 a.m.
Room 8E-B


Senate Bill 873 (Wiley) with amendment | Bill Summary – Senate Bill 873 establishes the Dyslexia Screening Pilot Program.

Amendment A04877

Senate Bill 1000 (Scarnati) with amendment | Bill Summary – Senate Bill 1000 establishes the Rural Regional Community College Pilot Program for Underserved Communities.

Amendment A04850

Senate Bill 1205 (Folmer) | Bill Summary – Senate Bill 1205 amends Title 24 (Education) to provide for college to university name designations.

House Bill 1559 (Farina) with amendment | Bill Summary  – House Bill 1559 amends the Public School Code to provide for youth suicide awareness and prevention.

Amendment A04278