Hearing to Gather Student Opinions

Senate Education Committee Public Hearing

to Gather Student Opinions

Thursday, October 24, 2013
1 PM
Harrisburg University

 Hearing Questions – Students have answered all of the questions. Only one will be asked of them.

1.  Career Development
The Pennsylvania Department of Education has adopted Career Education and Work Standards that require all high school graduates to demonstrate their competency in the areas of career awareness and preparation as a requirement for graduation.There is much discussion about whether schools are adequately preparing students for a competitive global workforce.  Do you feel that your education is preparing you for your career/college path?   Do you receive adequate guidance from school staff concerning college/career choice?

2.  School Violence
Your generation has unfortunately witnessed many occurrences of school violence and bullying is more prevalent than before. Not only are your school leaders focused on educating you, but also must provide a safe environment in which to learn. Do you feel safe in your school? Do you believe your classmates feel safe?

3.  How Teachers Teach/How Students Learn
Many factors go into both the dissemination and acquisition of knowledge.  A teacher-student relationship is reciprocal, and it’s not an easy task for even the best teachers to motivate every student in a classroom.As a student, do you feel you are exposed to various methods of teaching that benefit all types of learners, such as cooperative/small group learning, hands-on, appropriate use of online resources, etc.?Do you see factors, perhaps beyond the control of your teachers, that impact your learning experience, such as the physical or cyber environment, the length of the school day/year, time spent on problem-solving activities, etc.?

4.  School Funding
There is concern over funding for education. Many districts have instituted activity fees for music and sports programs. Others have changed transportation routes or opted to offer fewer foreign languages or other unified arts programs.Do you see areas in your district where money might be saved? What additional ideas do you have for raising revenue in order to help schools live within their means?

Student Questions – PDF file