Nominees to Charter School Appeals Board and to Consider Bills

Meeting to Consider Nominees to Charter School Appeals Board and to Consider Bills

June 14, 2011
12 PM
Room 8EA-EW

The Senate Education Committee to consider the following nominees to the State Charter School Appeals Board:
Kenneth Lawrence Jr.
Angela Marks
Lee Ann Munger
Mitchell J. Yanyanin

Senate Bill 172, Printer’s Number 458 | Summary (Washington) – Establishes and creates the Pennsylvania MESA Initiative.

A02818Senator Dinniman will offer an amendment on behalf of the prime sponsor.

Senate Bill 391, Printer’s Number 393Summary (Orie) –Provides for training of school employees in diabetes care and management and for possession and use of diabetes medication and monitoring equipment.

Senate Bill 1087, Printers Number 1267 | Summary (Piccola/Dinniman) –Requires that the professional employee rating system include student performance as a factor to be considered in determining teacher performance.

Senate Bill 1127, Printer’s Number 1317 | Summary (Don White) – States that no school board may vote or take other official action, other than votes or actions of a ministerial or emergency nature in a lame duck year.  It also provides for penalties if a violation of this provision occurs.

Senate Bill 1129, Printer’s Number 1319 | Summary (Dinniman) – Clarifies that where a host district contracts with a third party for the provision of educational services, the third party may seek payment directly from the district of residence