Consideration of SR 71, SB 34, SB 46 and HB 19

Senate Education Committee
Meeting to Consider Bills

April 16, 2013
10:30 a.m.
Room 8-EA

Senate Resolution 71 (Folmer)
Senate Resolution 71 memorializes the President and United States Congress to fully fund federal special education mandates.
Senate Bill 71 Summary

Senate Bill 34 (Smucker) with a technical amendment
Senate Bill 34 amends the Professional Educator Discipline Act to make substantive changes, including expanding the jurisdiction of the Professional Standards and Practices Commission, and expanding the bases for discipline and mandatory reporting requirements.
Senate Bill 34 Summary

Senate Bill 46 (Williams) with a technical amendment
Senate Bill 46 amends the Public School Code to require a more thorough employment history review for prospective employees and independent contractors of school entities for positions involving direct contact with children.
Senate Bill 46 Summary

House Bill 19 (Gingrich)
House Bill 19 amends the Public School Code to provide for child exploitation awareness education.