Consideration of SB 209, SB 1115, SB 1296, SB 1406 and HB 1610

Meeting to Consider Bills
Room 8EA-EW

March 6, 2012
9:30 AM

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SB 209 (M. White) – Requires all public secondary schools to annually report to the Department of Education on the interscholastic athletic opportunities available for male and female students.
A08082 – The Chair will offer this technical amendment on behalf of the Prime Sponsor.

SB 1115 (Browne) as amended by A08967 – Establishes a Legislative Commission on Special Education Funding to develop a formula for distributing increases in special education funding, including three cost categories based on the costs of educating students with various disabilities; provides that any amount of state special education funding up to the amount of funding in the 2008-2009 base year will be distributed in the same manner as in the base year; establishes a competitive grant program for school districts and charter schools meeting certain criteria with respect to providing special education services in the regular classroom, meeting state standards for reading and math for special education students and meeting high standards for inclusion; establishes new accountability requirements for school districts serving special education students, including new requirements for special education plans filed with the Department of Education (PDE); requires PDE to set aside 1% of state special education funding and distribute this set-aside amount on a pro rata basis based upon the number of students in each district having the most expensive category of disability; requires PDE to collect data necessary for the accurate functioning of the formula developed by the Commission; and requires the Commission to study and make recommendations concerning whether the administration of programs and services to students with disabilities could be restructured to reduce the cost of administering such services by at least 10%.
A08967 – Offered by the Prime Sponsor to make the changes noted above.

SB 1296 (Piccola) – Provides for greater transparency and accountability in superintendent and assistant superintendent contracts by setting new requirements for the content of those contracts and subjecting them to the Right-to-Know Law
A08985 – Developed with input from the PA Office of the Auditor General and the PA Association of School Administrators. It further fleshes out the framework of the contract, provides for flexibility in length of contracts for experienced superintendents and assistant superintendents, and directs school boards to perform annual evaluations.

SB 1406 (Folmer) – Allows universities to offer additional degrees if they have met certain requirements and are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

HB 1610 (Vereb) – Establishes standards for preventing sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes. The committee will be briefed by the prime sponsor. No vote is planned at this time.