Consideration of SB 1225, SB 1410, SB 1436 and SB 1440

Meeting to Consider Bills
Room 8EA-EW

March 27, 2012
10:30 AM

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SB 1225 (Pileggi) | Summary – Codifies the Library Code in consolidated statute form to improve the readability of the Library Code and reconcile conflicts between the Library Code and regulations that have been issued under it.
– A09066 Implements distribution for library funding for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.
– A09367 The Chair will be offering a technical amendment on behalf of Senator Pileggi.

SB 1410 (Ferlo) | Summary – Provides for the reenactment and extension of Pittsburgh Public School District’s designation as a Commonwealth Partnership District.
– A09341 Technical amendment.

SB 1436 (Piccola) | Summary
– Prohibits the Department of Education or the State Board of Education from taking action prior to June 30, 2020 that would have the effect of eliminating, limiting or delaying the development of Keystone Exams.
– A09334 The Chair will offer an amendment to prohibit changing the exams to “high stakes tests” maintaining the current requirement that the exams count for at least one-third of a student’s final course grade.

SB 1440 (Dinniman) | Summary
– Provides for reimbursement to school districts, charter schools and cyber charter schools for costs incurred should the Department of Education or the State Board of Education reduce the number of Keystone Exams to be developed or implemented.
A09345 Provides the time frame and information required for a school district, charter school or cyber charter school to request reimbursement.