Consideration of HB 1330 and HB 1363

Meeting to Consider Bills

June 26, 2012

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HB 1330 (Quigley) – Amends the Public School Code to move the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program to the Public School Code from the Tax Reform Code and increases the available amount of tax credits for EITC.
HB 1330 Summary

A12590: The Chair will offer an amendment that increases the amount of credits available under the EITC program, increases the amount of the credit available per business firm and makes other changes.

HB 1363 (Rapp) – This legislation amends the Public School to suspend the continuing professional development credits/hours requirements for certified teachers for a two-year period.
HB 1363 Summary

A12630: Senator Tomlinson will offer an amendment that requires the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to provide an interim report on the costs and benefits of the continuing education program. It also allows the Secretary of Education to hold a hearing in a school district that is in a contract impasse for over a year in order to receive testimony and make recommendations regarding the impasse.