Consideration of HB 1307 and HB 1901

Meeting to Consider Bills

May 22, 2012

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HB 1307 (Milne) Amends the Public School Code of 1949 to provide additional transparency in financial reporting by intermediate units; requires annual audits of financially distressed school districts; limits compensation of superintendents/assistant superintendents; and allows students to wear military uniforms at graduation ceremonies.

A10521 The Chair will offer an amendment to provide for a comprehensive framework for identifying and assisting school districts in the Commonwealth that experience severe financial difficulties. The amendment will also insert the language of SB 1296 (superintendent and assistant superintendent contracts) into the bill, as well as a date certain by which PDE must post intermediate unit reports online. The military uniform provision will remain in the bill.

A10512 Senator Williams will offer an amendment that removes language relating to school districts of the first class, salaries of superintendents and assistant superintendents, and audits of school districts.

Amendments to A10521

requires that the operator of a school that has been converted to a charter school in a district under a declaration of financial recovery be a 501(c)(3) organization, have a demonstrated record of academic success, have a demonstrated record of providing educational services at a cost savings when compared to the school district and limits payments to management organizations to no more than 5% of the school’s per pupil cost. (Dinniman)

A10596 – requires mandatory acceptance of students from the school district under a declaration of financial recovery when the recovery plan calls provides for the tuitioning out to another school district.

A10597 requires that services provided by a private entity be contracted only by an entity with a demonstrated record of providing such services at a cost savings to the school district. (Dinniman)

A10598 requires school districts under a declaration of financial recovery to receive funding at the 2010-2011 fiscal year funding levels.

A10599 – establishes a grant program and provides grants to school districts during their time under a declaration of financial recovery and for a period of three years after the termination of the receivership. (Dinniman)

A10600 establishes a requirement that districts under a declaration of financial recovery undergo a best management practices review. (Dinniman)

HB 1901 (Everett) Allows school districts, in the event of an emergency, to advertise for bids to repair or replace a school plant and, with the approval of the school board, to proceed at once to make the necessary repairs or replacements, without obtaining the approval of the Secretary of Education.

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