Senate Bills 694, 862 and House Bills 131, 762

June 3, 2015
10:30 am, Room 461

The Senate Education Committee will meet to consider the following legislation:

  • House Bill 131 P.N. 115 (Barrar) provides for in-state tuition rates at community colleges and state-related/state-owned institutions for veterans, their spouses and dependent children in compliance with federal law. | Bill Summary
    • There will be an amendment to this bill.
  • House Bill 762 P.N. 1051 (Roae) authorizes the Secretary of Education to enter into a regional compact and interstate reciprocity agreement governing interstate offerings of post-secondary distance education courses and programs. | Bill Summary
  • Senate Bill 694 P.N. 693 (Eichelberger) provides for changes to the public school construction and state reimbursement process for public school construction. | Bill Summary
  • Senate Bill 862 P.N. 981 (Smucker) Recently introduced legislation that will make changes in the School Code to comply with the recently enacted child protection statutes. | Bill Summary